Our Gypsol TS-15 is a free-flowing and self-compacting screed. We formulate this especially to allow it to be laid at just 15mm deep.



You can lay our Gypsol screed either bonded or un-bonded over a polythene slip membrane in both commercial and domestic projects. In general, our customers use this particular screed to produce a smooth, flat and level floor. This floor will form the sub-base for subsequent floor coverings for internal floors in a large variety of building types.

Specially trained screeders use specialised equipment to pump the screed in place. Because our Gypsol TS-15 offers very high strength and high resistance to cracking offering, it is indeed, a very cost-effective method of levelling an existing floor slab. Like all Gypsol screeds, our TS-15 is a highly environmentally friendly alternative to cement-based screeds.


Gypsol TS-15; a multi-purpose screeding solution


Throughout the UK we manufacture Gypsol TS-15 to exacting standards in quality-assured ready-mix facilities. Additionally, we have the product also available in specific locations from volumetric on-site mixing systems. We make the product from high-quality Gypsol anhydrite binder, specially selected sands and clean water. Therefore it offers the user a simple and effective ultra-thin floor screeding solution. You can use this for un-bonded or fully bonded applications where a subsequent floor covering is to be used.



Using Gypsol TS-15 will benefit your screed floor because of:

  • Rapid application
  • Vast coverage (63m2 per m3)
  • Thin Screed sections (15mm un-bonded, 15mm bonded
  • Fast drying (drying rate more than 1mm per day*)

*Independently tested and based on the fixed depth at 20˚C and 60% RH. Upon request, we have the full test data available

  • No reinforcement nor fibres required
  • No curing agents required
  • Low Carbon Footprint (just 26.26kg per tonne of material manufactured saving up to 94% CO2 compared to a cement-based screed)
  • Rapid return to service of work areas (foot traffic after just 48 hours, full loading after only seven days)
  • Assured high strength (minimum Ca-C35 – F6)
  • Reduced requirement for Movement Joints (max 20m length, max aspect ratio 6:1)